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Iron Sky – Day 66

Saturday morning in Tampere is generally pretty quiet so I took the opportunity to come in really early and continue working on shots for Iron Sky here at the Energia Production office. Too bad its not cooler out. It’s about 40 maybe 45deg C in here again with all the machines rendering as fast and as best they can in this heat. The cleaning crew is here doing their thing. First thing the guy said to me as he walked in with his daughter who comes in and helps with her dad to clean these places up from messy CG artists (Luke and I are at times…disturbed with how mucky it can be in here after a few days during the week – put your dishes in the freaking dishwasher mofos!)  – “god dam its hot in here”. I agreed and we both went back to work. Hopefully it will cool off soon. Yeah right. So, back to CG fun here on the big show. As many of you know we posted a request for reels and resumes of LightWave artists earlier this week and we have had a massive influx of emails asking about the positions. We thank everyone who has sent in their stuff and while we are still making our selections it looks like we have narrowed it down to 2 candidates pending visas and availability. There may be one more local hire (at least from Finland in general) but unless something drops out we will be full up shortly. Regardless, I would still like to hear from talented LightWave artists that are out there just in case, so please keep sending in those emails with links and resumes. DON’T send video files or portfolios as attachments. This is basically a statement to me that you don’t know how to follow directions and its a bad impression if you do. Links are best! I wish there was more room in terms of time and budget to bring on a couple more LightWave kats because they are just so more effective at turning material out, than what we have seen here thus far from the other application team. Now granted many of them are trainees or have just cut their teeth on this show we really need to start pushing , across the board on shots from start to completion in a matter of hours and not days. We are closing in on this goal however but it took a LOT of clean up work to get us there that could have been avoided by just going the LW route in the first place and we would be well ahead of the game. It’s always a fine balance between budget in terms of time and money but in my experience if you don’t know where you are going to end up, betting on a risky endeavor or something that hasn’t been done before in any application its very very difficult to see where you are and you find yourself in the weeds as some of my favorite bartending and service staff in Vancouver would say when it gets stupid busy. The best thing to do is to simply keep on truckin’ and plow through anything thats in the way. Then if you have time, go back and pick up the pieces. Usually there is in the end, very little to pick up and you will have the time to do so. Thankfully this situation here is a little bit different and isn’t another LTOTGC or Fireball or BSG even for that matter. The kats here are a lot less high strung and don’t have short dictator complexes. Still if someone touches my screens again that I work on – pointing out something that’s blatantly obvious to me and everyone else with their little commentary I’m going to bite them off. Please do not touch the screens! Ok enough said on that front. One last thing on the jobs stuff. The posting said LIGHTWAVE ARTISTS, not C4D. So to the C4D clown that keeps applying, get bent. The answer is NO. If you don’t know LightWave and know it well and have the ability to do the stuff we are looking for, the answer is no. Thanks!

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2 Comments to Iron Sky – Day 66

  1. jeric says:

    ala’ (the movie) “Brazil”: on the heat, obviously you need more ducts and ductwork. >;^)

    Is the Energia render farm Shuttles?

    • kat says:

      Unfortunately no, they are not shuttles. I really wish they were because we would be able to power more systems and push out less heat in a lot less space with it easier to keep them cool because of the smaller foot print of each box. I can fit 4 shuttles in the space of a single tower/render node here from Jimms who have sponsored the show. Not to say the other systems are bad, they are not, they are very powerful but in some ways over kill for rendering. They all have doomsday AMD 69xx class cards in them and that sucks power just to keep them active as they have no onboard video. With the shuttles I could get onboard video out of every model they offer and spend the money on ram/CPU and SSD action for fast boots, fast renders and in the end less money to build a node.

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