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LightWave3D Eleven (That’s 11)

For those of you who are not paying attention. When you are done drooling, stop doing that and get your credit card out and pick up the pre-release version now. Yes, you can buy the full version and get your hands on it before ships at the 11.0 gold edition today. Have fun! 🙂

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9 Comments to LightWave3D Eleven (That’s 11)

  1. Darn I wish I had the money!
    Must say, although quick upon release 10.1, version 11 is cranked with features! New dynamics, Instances, flocking.. Drewl!

  2. Tony says:

    So delighted w/the new version – just waiting on my OK from newtek to grab the newest version

  3. kat says:

    Yeah its kind of neat! It’s not perfect yet but its a major advancement now for LightWave and LightWavers! 🙂

  4. SonicN2O says:

    Does anyone know If I can pre order the upgrade from 10.1 to 11 with educational pricing?

    • kat says:

      That’s a good question. I will ask around and see what comes up. Frankly it might be cheaper to buy another seat at educational pricing. If that’s true then I may pick up your 10.1 seat off you and then upgrade that or something weird. Who knows. 🙂
      I’m weird, I collect dongles.

  5. SonicN2O says:

    Well, I upgraded to LW10 in the academic superstore for $90, but since that’s a third party, I can’t preorder…

  6. Spirit of the Forest says:

    Wow, I am seriously drooling right now. Any idea if I can upgrade from 9.x? I haven’t been able to make the upgrade to 10 yet, and I would be really disappointed if I had to purchase an entirely new license because I missed the 10.x cycle.

  7. Dexter2999 says:

    You can upgrade from 9.x to 10.1 now and get 11 free when it comes out. Or you can wait an buy 11 later. Newtek allows you to skip versions. The only penalty is that people who are locked in for a discount from the whole CORE thing sacrifice their discount if they skip.

    I’m honestly surprised that you were able up to upgrade an EDU license. EDU versions are for students and noncommercial use. In the past if you wanted to upgrade an EDU version you could only upgrade to a commercial version. Part of the logic being that if a new version comes out a year after you bought yours, chances are you aren’t still in a class teaching LW. EDU versions are not “hobby” versions. But if you have found a loophole exploit it the best you can.

  8. kat says:

    It’s possible to upgrade from edu to edu so long as you are still in school or teaching, but the same restrictions apply either way.

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