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Iron Sky – Day 178

I didn’t get much sleep last night. It’s apparently completely acceptable in Finland to come home completely blasted out of your mind and play guitar and sign Nirvana songs badly until 5:30AM. I had to get up twice to go down stairs to this jerks place and knock on his door to ask him to shut the fuck up to no effect. Either way I’m pretty sleepy and a bit pissed off today. In other happy kat news we are still pushing through the last remaining shots to go here on Iron Sky. Then, if we are lucky we can all go home around the end of November. Luke is going to be heading out around that time for sure but will still be able to lend a hand. Tuomas of course will be close by, and as for Lee I think he’s going to be doing some traveling in Russia or something. Me? I don’t know yet. My flight home is going to be very expensive and just gets worse as time goes on should I need to stay on further into December. Beyond travel plans, our primary concern this week has been storage space. We managed to pick up another 5TB of storage after shuffling some things around which is good. But we are still having some pretty serious network drag at certain times of the day or completely random from machine to machine. Something that loads in 3 minutes in LW on one box at one time will take 1 hour on another box somewhere else on the network and then will switch around completely. It’s frustrating for sure, but hopefully we can resolve it quickly. In other news if you haven’t signed up for the VFXMinds thing that NewTek is doing and you are in the Los Angeles area and can make it, you really should. I’m told seats are filling up very fast and its going to be a very large show with some cool surprises. For more details on that hit up Before I close out today I just wanted to thank NewTek and the LightWave development team for helping us out here on Iron Sky. In addition, I also want to thank the LightWave team here on Iron Sky as well as our compositing guys who have been working with us in a positive fashion understanding fully the extreme nightmare that we have had to deal with on top of the extra stuff that got dumped on us by a failed maya pipeline. It’s been a pleasure. Oh wait, we still have a month to go 🙂 heheh.   Meow fur neow.

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