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Iron Sky – 176

Not much to report today. Im actually doing laundry at the kitty’s place (Black Tabby!) for the day because I was absolutely out of anything to wear. It’s certainly hard living out of a suitcase that’s for sure. Besides laundry, other things going on related to what we are doing at Iron Sky are having an impact on the other side of the planet. For of those of you in the Los Angeles Area, who can make it to the NewTek VFX Minds Event, be on the look out for a lot neat stuff there.  If you need to register to get a seat ( space is incredibly limited) I suggest you do it now. Register at More info and details to come on that but I want to thank NewTek Inc. and the LW Development Team for all their help. OK, next load of laundry is almost done. More updates soon!

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11 Comments to Iron Sky – 176

  1. Phil says:

    Whites or coloureds? :b 😉

    • kat says:

      both. It’s really nice too. Clean laundry that is. the laundry machine (wash only) in the place where luke, lee and tuomas are staying smells like kerosene after a wash. It’s really funky.

  2. Phil says:

    I hate housework, although laundry is by far the easiest (assuming no ironing is required).

    As for living out of a suitcase, that sends me back to all of 2009 and a fair bit of 2010 and 2011. It’s certainly good to be almost settled somewhere again. The downside is having to sink cash into vehicles – something that is not really needed in Germany.

  3. kat says:

    Yeah it will be nice to get home and not have to worry about hauling my laundry anywhere except for down stairs to the laundry room. And there is something that I can take advantage of which seems to be alien hardware in the EU. It’s called a Dryer.
    Go figure…

  4. Kip says:

    There’s no Kat like a CLEAN KAT ! 😉

  5. J. says:

    @kat Here in The Netherlands a Dryer is certainly NOT considered ”alien hardware”, we have one, but we seldomly use it as it’s a waste of energy and causes more wear and tear to your clothes, but for your ”offsite laundry” it’s a godsend! 😛

  6. kat says:

    It’s not a waste of energy because it helps to kill bacteria on the clothing and reduces health concerns. As for the wear and tear, I doubt it. But kats do love rolling around in stacks of clean laundry.

  7. jeric says:

    Phil, did you move to the US/Canada?

  8. Phil says:

    I moved from Germany to the US with work (GlobalFoundries) and am now based in the New York state area.

  9. Phil says:

    The previous time in Germany (2005-2008), we had a combo washer/dryer unit that worked really well. This time around, since we were only there for just over a year, we got the cheapest washing machine we could find (since appliances are not covered by relocation support). Since Dresden has such dry air, clothes would dry overnight in the airing room (even in winter).

    The bigger problem in the UK and Germany was the limited capacity of the washing machines. It took several runs to get through the laundry. The US machines seem to be sized to deal with a large family, and so it takes a maximum of two runs (one whites, one coloureds) and you’re done.

    Hang on, why are we talking about laundry. We need more discussions of production trauma and moon-built armadas.

  10. jeric says:

    Laundry is part of production trauma (great phrase, tnx): sitting next to the laundrificly challenged is no picnic.

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