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Iron Sky – Day 187

The home stretch is in sight now. After a very long week of ups and downs with few victories due to technical BS (and immediate knee jerk reaction by some, but deflected by me to find the real problem which as it turned out was something I warned against a long time ago – but it doesn’t matter though, or does it?) we are very tired. On the flip side we are now down to the last batch of shots for our next delivery and then there are some fixes we would all like to go through and just up setting, tweak that, and push render and call it a show. It will get to that point soon, we just have to kill these cursed (by maya – like really? What the fuck!? NEVER AGAIN – Never again will I let something like what we have had to deal with fly on any other show I do. I have been burned by maya and maya artists so many times over the last 8 years and I’m so sick of it) Zeppelin shots dead and gone and move on. I will have to explain all of that later in a tutorial or webinar or something. Right now I am too bitter to discuss. Before someone complains about me being too “negative” or down on things I best to be a happy kat and talk about some of the neat stuff that we have been doing. Lee for example who has had dumped on him a few nasty shots has pulled off a rather sexy edition of one shot that we all thought was pretty much going to be disaster. He’s now taking care of the absolute final shot that is seen in the film. That leaves myself Tuomas and Luke with Samuli to bang out the remaining “space combat” sequences that deal purely with ships. After that we have 2 shots that are going to need some very fast R&D and a bit of LightWave3D 11 to make work and work on time. In total, while I can’t say how many shots we have left to do – we are close to the finish line. So the question is what happens next? Luke will be going back to the UK, Tuomas will be hanging out here obviously in Finland, Lee and I are both job hunting but he’s going to travel for a while and I think Samuli is going to need a beer and break for a while. It could be a very interesting 2012. It’s certainly been a very weird 2011.

5 Comments to Iron Sky – Day 187

  1. erikals says:

    no matter what, i really look forward to seeing this movie.
    it looks like such fun :]

    hopefully the coolness of this project can make the hard work seem just a bit easier :]

  2. We’ve loved seeing the work progress, you guys are doing awesome stuff and mainstream film quality too, you should be proud.

  3. Tony says:

    I agree 100% with James and Erikals, the WIP stuff has been fantastic, the previews are looking great and your behind the scene glimpses have been a pleasur, both good updates and less than good ones alike.

  4. Phil says:

    What about the laundry updates? ;D

    I’m looking forward to seeing if any addons for LW, etc. come out of all of this as well. I think that’s how Worley’s Taft/Polk collections came to be – collections of random tools coded for various productions (after a little spit and polish were applied).

    I’m still looking for a modern, volumetric, version of Tracer, for example. 🙂

  5. SonicN2O says:

    I saw the CG reel on the LW11 release, and it is the SH**. It’s even more exciting to know that we’re that much closer to seeing it in action!

    Depressingly yours, (not really)

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