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TFD Advanced Concepts and Projects: Atmospherics

Kat is  back with another TFD Advanced Concepts and Projects Video! This time he discusses various atmospheric lighting effects that you can do using TFD for LightWave to produce things like helicopter down draft from its blades, nightclub effects such as discoballs and ultra realistic looking lasers! (Kats love lasers!) One of the hardest effects in LightWave to produce accurately. This video expands on concepts covered in Kat’s previous TFD for LightWave Videos available here on, but users who have limited experience with TFD who are looking to produce these types of effects quickly can get great value out of this video on its own. TFD can produce more than just smoke and fire, it can make other effects that have been difficult in the past to produce realistically in LightWave a breeze and fast to get looking great. Kat shows you some of those applications for TFD will keeping it simple for everyone to understand. Learn about how to manage TFD in scenes while optimizing performance during your set ups and how to improve the look of your volumetric effects without the need for recalculating your simulations except where appropriate. Kat also shows you how to avoid a really nasty bug in TFD that can ruin your day. With a run time of 128 minutes (approx) and includes various scene set up files that you can dig into right away and get started. Don’t worry about a huge download either. This one comes in at just under 300MB in a single file. Only$14.95USD!

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