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DDO for Lightwave Users- Volume #6- NDO Painter I- (Includes 150 FREE Sci-Fi Alpha Brushes)

In this training tutorial 3D Instructor Adam Gibson introduces the new and powerful NDO Painter to the newly released Quixel Suite 2.0.

Learn how to get started quickly painting Normal Maps directly on your 3d models in 3DO using the new painting tools.

Table of Contents for Volume #6:

Chapter 1- Intro

Chapter 2- NDO Paint Basics (Part One)

Chapter 3- NDO Paint Basics (Part Two)

Chapter 4- NDO Paint Basics (Part Three)

Chapter 5- Brush Tool

Chapter 6- Eraser Tool (Transparency and Alpha)

Chapter 7- Object Navigation Review (Rotate, Move, Zoom)

Chapter 8- Camera Animator (Make Animations of your 3D Model)

Chapter 9- Creating Multiple Camera Views (Create, Save, Delete)

Chapter 10- How to Create Groups/Parts and Hide Groups/Parts

Chapter 11- Alpha Brushes

Chapter 12- How to Change Alpha Brush Angle

Chapter 13- Importing and Creating Alpha Brush Collections

Chapter 14- Final


Running Time:  2 hrs. 13 mins.

High Quality (Screen-Res 1920 x 1080 pixels)

Video Format: MP4 (.mp4)

Level: Beginner

*Bonus: 150 FREE Sci-Fi Alpha Brushes!!! (Reg. Price $19.00 US)


$19.00 US






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