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Daz3D Studio 4.9.4 Released

In an age where it seems software is advancing (except for a certain one), DazStudio has received an update with Daz Studio 4.9.4. This is a pretty interesting release for Daz Studio and this version of course now ships with nVidia Iray and is set to work with the next “Genesis” generation of characters that we should be seeing here very shortly. The ability for Daz to take advantage of Iray (and even Octane believe it or not!) has really helped Daz and its artists step up their game over the last year or so. I literally just installed it myself, so we will see what other new goodies have come into the product since the last release (remember, Daz3D Studio is free). If you are curious to check it out, you can download it from this link here.

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