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The rise of a legend? AtariBox!

Some of you may have taken notice of this a few days ago. The anticipation of a 4th game console platform has been out there for many years now to rival Nintendo, MicroSoft and Sony’s systems and finally, it seems the legendary Atari will rise again to challenge them all. Check out the interesting little sneak peek video at So many questions surround this right now that speculation is running wild on the net but according to multiple sources, the system will be PC technology based. Does this mean it be much like a Steam/Valve box or similar to an nVidia Sheild type scheme? Our guess is no, it will be a PC technology based system but specifically intended to rival the OS of Sony and Microsoft’s PS4 and Xbox One (and X) systems allowing for some really seriously neat stuff. Will it be VR capable? It would be wise for Atari Interactive to take that path for sure. VR gaming is really, really hot right now and if they make it so that existing hardware such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are compatible and can plug-in to it directly, then they are saving themselves a huge amount of lead in time that would be required for them to develop and deploy their own VR/AR product. This could be a very good thing. Let’s hope there is some advantage for LightWave’rs out there who can try and pick up some game content creation work using our favorite 3D content creation software package. One can only hope.

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One Comment to The rise of a legend? AtariBox!

  1. Kat says:

    I just got this in my email…

    “Hey there!

    Thanks a lot for contacting us!

    While we are not able to share a lot of technical details on the Ataribox project just yet, you have already guessed it is a hardware platform, and like any great hardware platform its content strategy will be critical. We’ll be releasing more product information in the coming weeks/months, and specifically as we roll out our developer strategy you will be first to know.

    Thanks again for reaching out, we’ll keep in touch!

    The Ataribox project.”

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