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Introducing Unity 2017.1

Ok, so some idiot at Unity needs to be shot for calling it “2017.1” as yearly naming conventions generally are a really bad idea. (Hello LightWave?!) BUT, it does have a lot of really cool looking stuff going for it other than the unfortunate name change. Unity has evolved so much, so fast in the last 4 years, largely driven by the explosion of mobile gaming and AR/VR markets. It’s no wonder it’s the world’s most popular game engine (sorry Epic). While currently still in beta this is looking to be a very sharp, smart, feature-oriented release coming for Unity3D and provides a very clear indication in terms of paths for the product going forward and the viability of its use in various markets, successfully. If your title fails and you built it on Unity going forward, the failure had nothing do with your choice in Unity as the engine for your title is what it really comes down to. They are not holding back. You can check it out for yourself as the beta is available for download right now. Unlike some people, the folks at Unity are ok with providing public betas and limited function/license restricted versions of their product? Why? Because they make money off of more than just selling seats (which is a dead concept anyway you try to look at it). After all,”Content is king bitches!”. Some of these features may feel very familiar to you coming from LightWave and even UE4. Cinemachine? Yeah… that’s Motion Mixer right there, more or less. You know what is really awesome that LightWave needs? This. It’s this thing called a “Road Map”. So you can get an idea as a developer as to what you may be able to do… down…well… the road. Meaning you can plan to some degree what you can do in the future with your game title or real-time application built with Unity3D. How marvelous would that be for LightWave3D huh? Check out some of the new features here.

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