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Merry Christmas everyone! Our annual Christmas sale is back! Get 30% off your purchases!

That’s right! Our annual Christmas sale is back and this year we have upped the savings from the usual 25% to 30% so you get extra value out of your shopping experience. Simply use the coupon code: L3DChristmas2017 and get 30% off when you use the code in the cart prior to checkout. We are so happy about this Christmas sale we decided to torture you with the song of Kat’s people this time of year! (Warning… earworm!) There are lots of reasons why we are so happy right now. Obviously, in LightWave news, two great things have happened! First, the LWG/NewTek have announced that LightWave 2018 will be released in a matter of days (Jan 1 12:01AM GMT 2018 to be exact!). That’s huge. Next up is that we wanted to let you know we are working hard to bring you tutorials on Jan 1st 2018 or shortly thereafter featuring LW 2018’s new render engine and shading system, workflows and more! But we are not quite finished with 2015.3 just yet. Adam just released his latest tutorial for FiberFX in 2015.3 and Kat is about to drop the first installment of his long-awaited “Conventional Weapons Pack” for TurbulenceFD for LightWave. Expect more news on these things shortly along with a bunch of other goodies we have in the works. Stay tuned!

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