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Substance Painter- Creating Assets for Unity 3D- PBR Workflows

Substance Painter for Lightwave Users – Volume #9- Creating Assets for Unity 3D – PBR Workflows In this ninth volume 3D Instructor Adam Gibson demonstrates how to easily export your 3D Model’s Substance Painter PBR Textures and Import them into the Unity 3D Game Engine. Some of the Topics Covered: 1) PBR SpecGloss Workflow, 2) PBR Metallic Workflow 3) Unity Texture Export Presets in Substance Painter, 4) Substance Painter 3D Mesh Import Review, 5) Input Map Baking Review, 6) Adding a Material, 7) Add Dripping Rust/Metal Edge Wear, 8) Importing 3D Models & Textures in Unity, 9) PBR Texture Assignment in Unity 3D. Just $19.00 USD
– Have you ever wanted to Learn How Make 3D Models for Video Games? – But Don’t Know Anything about Video Game Programming? – Want to Get Hired or Sell 3D Models for use in Video Games?  Then this is the course for you!! *You Do Not Have to Learn any Programming Skills to make 3D Models & Textures for Video Games!! *You Just Need to Learn the Skills to Convert, Import and Set-Up your Models & Textures in a Ready-to-Use Format for the Unity Game Engine. *Once you have done this your job is done and it’s now up to the Game Programmer to take it from there. -Adding this new Skill-Set to your Current Knowledge Base can greatly increase your ability to break into the 3D Gaming Industry!! Table of Contents for Volume #9 Chapter 1- Intro Chapter 2- Course Goals Chapter 3- Importing 3D Models & Creating Input Textures in Substance Painter 2018 Chapter 4- Adding a Material, Add Dripping Rust/Metal Edge Wear in Substance Painter 2018 Chapter 5- Export Presets in Substance Painter 2018 Chapter 6- Exporting PBR SpecGloss Workflow from Substance Painter 2018 Chapter 7- Importing PBR SpecGloss Workflow into Unity 3D 2018 Chapter 8- Exporting PBR Metallic Workflow from Substance Painter 2018 Chapter 9- Importing PBR Metallic Workflow into Unity 3D 2018 Chapter 10- Creating & Exporting Emissive Maps in Substance Painter 2018 Chapter 11- Importing Emissive Maps in Unity 3D 2018 Chapter 12- Final Bonus Unity Training Chapter 1- Intro Chapter 2- How to Create a Project File Chapter 3- How to Import Models and Textures Chapter 4- Scene Tab/Window (Create, Save, Open a Scene File) Chapter 5- Layout Tab (Single and Multiple Views) Chapter 6- Hierarchy Window Chapter 7- Project Window Chapter 8- Inspector Window Chapter 9- Perspective & Orthogonal Views Widget Chapter 10- Perspective Camera (Move Up, Down, Left, Right) Chapter 11- Perspective Camera (Rotate) Chapter 12- Perspective Camera (Rotate) Chapter 13-Perspective Camera (Zoom) Chapter 14- Frame Object/Item Chapter 15- How to Create a Prefab Chapter 16- Unity Packages (Export/Import) Chapter 17- Selling your Models/Textures on the Unity Store Running Time: 3 hrs. 44 mins. High Quality (Screen-Res 1920 x 1080 pixels) Video Format: MP4 (.mp4) Level: Beginner Just $19.00 USD

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