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Welcome to our October 2018 Newsletter and Sale!

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New Group-Buy in Announced! (continue reading for details!)

Welcome to our October 2018 Newsletter.

We have a lot of kick as stuff to tell you about so make sure to go through this entire email to make sure you don’t miss something! To get started, we want to let you know that we have been very busy behind the scenes with development efforts on a few products while negotiating a new Group buy-in! Before we get to details of the buy-in let us tell you a bit of what we have been up to here at

Glycon  – The VR Motion Tracking System

Here is another one in development by Chilton Webb. For those of you who have an Oculus Rift with the Touch Controllers or the HTC Vive, Glycon makes it easy to animate and export animations into 3D programs like LightWave3D and Unity. Imagine having your own high precision motion capture system that’s as easy to use as a video game, requires no additional setup (beyond what you already have), and that can instantly export an FBX or HMOT file. That’s what Glycon is. Put on your VR headset and controllers, and record your animation. It saves immediately to a file you can use in any 3D program. Benefits of Glycon over traditional motion capture: 1. Dirt cheap. Mocap suits usually cost thousands of dollars. Glycon costs a fraction of that, and uses your existing VR equipment. 2. Fast. Some mocap suits claim to take “as little as 10 minutes” to set up, while Glycon takes seconds. Put on the headset and hand controllers and you’re done! You can be in and out of a mocap session several times in less time than it will take to put on a mocap suit. 3. Convenient. Glycon can work in the smallest of spaces while sitting at your desk or in a cramped office. Anywhere you can set up your VR rig, you can use Glycon. 4. Easy. Once you’re wearing your VR headset, simply click a few buttons to start and stop recording, and to save out your file. 5. Popular Formats. Out of the box, we’ll support HMOT and FBX, which should let you easily add your animations to characters in any environment that supports FBX. Check out the cool Glycon video here! Note: This is a pre-release product. As an early adopter, you will get immediate access to the first beta version as soon as that is available, free updates for the life of the product, and you’ll help decide what features should be added to the final product. You’ll also get access to new features the second they’re available. Get into the early adopter program for just $99.00USD

AR Portfolio Updated to Version 2.2

Our very own Chilton Webb has been very hard at work coding away for the last 3 months. AR Portfolio 2.2 is the result of much of that work. In this update, Chilton has enabled Image based tracking on the Android platform using AR Core. Check out the video below. In addition to this, AR Portfolio 2.2 includes several internal improvements that every AR Portfolio user should take advantage of. If you haven’t grabbed your copy of AR Portfolio, now is a great time to get it! The price is going up soon so don’t hesitate. Just $49.73USD But wait! Use the coupon code: L3DSpooky2018 and get your discount of 25% off that price during our Halloween Sale!
Coupon Code: L3DSpooky2018

YES! Get SyFlex for LightWave3D in our latest group buy-in!

Full participation details are below, make sure to read them carefully! Our latest group buy-in is now officially live! This time around we have partnered with Syflex!  What is Syflex? Well it just happens to be the best cloth solution out there for a lot of 3D programs including LightWave3D. Here are some basic reasons why Syflex kicks ass and why you need it. Speed! SyFlex is extremely fast. In this animation, with a detailed cloth and accurate collisions, each frame took less than 1/10 second to simulate on a quad core CPU: dance3_syflex It’s easy to use! SyFlex is easy to use! It doesn’t require any tailoring skills from the animator. There is no need in creating flat panels and stitching them together; the artist just uses any traditional polygonal object. The installation process is brief, and once installed, SyFlex is seamlessly integrated within LightWave3D, Maya, XSI or Houdini. Learning how to use it is painless. Stability! The technology behind SyFlex provides for a perfectly stable simulation. Whatever the constraints and the forces are, the software always computes an accurate animation, without vibrations. Additional Features Cache The simulation can be saved in cache files, allowing to re-play it quickly. It also allows to re-simulate selected frames, without recomputing the whole sequence. It is possible to blend different cache files, choosing which part of the cloth to keep from each cache by using the paint tool. Nails and Pins The vertices of the cloth can be fixed in space, using nails. The nails can be animated, thus allowing interesting possibilities for manipulating the cloth movement. Any vertex can be pinned to another static or moving object (for instance to make a belt). Per-Vertex Properties The properties of a cloth, such as its mass or stiffness, can be modified on a per-vertex basis, using Artisan maps. Collisions Collisions of the cloth with any static or moving object are computed accurately. To optimize collisions, the user can specify which faces perform collision. Self-collisions are also accurately computed. Works with LightWave3D 2015.x and LightWave3D 2018.x

Ok! I’m sold! How do I get in? How much? Is the price going to be right?

1. For those of you who want to participate in the group buy-in for SyFlex, email: with your first and last name, your LW Product lock ID (NO CRACKS! WE CHECK THE NUMBERS!) and your preferred registration email address. 2. How much? Good question. Currently SyFlex retails for $200.00USD. We are applying the same discount model as we have done with Deep Rising FX and LWCAD. The more people that come in on the group buy-in and say they are “in” the greater the discount up to a maximum of 50% off the retail price. Keep in mind we charge a small but necessary administration fee to do this. That fee is a fixed amount. If you have participated in the previous group buy-ins we have done you know how much that is. It covers paypal/credit card transaction fees in and out for the group buy-in. 3. These programs only work if people say “I’m in!” and commit to it when the time comes to pay up. We can’t tell you how much the final price will be because we don’t know how many people will participate until we close off the group buy-in. You must email to say you are in, or you are not in. You have a limited time to do this! Speaking of which, that close off date will be October 28th, 2018. Participants will then be asked to pay the final discount amount plus the fee within 24 hours starting at 12:01AM Pacific Standard Time, October 29th, 2018 and finish October 29th at 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time. NO EXCEPTIONS. Do not participate in this program if you do not have the financial resources to pay when the time comes. Assume NO discount and there will be a discount if everyone comes in! But still assume, no discount. That’s just the nature of this stuff. It will be discounted, but don’t bank on someone else bringing that price down. Get in, say you are in, have the money on hand regardless of a discount price and spread the word and these details. This is your opportunity to get the best cloth simulation system for LightWave3D on the market at a greatly discounted price. Don’t miss out! Have questions? Click here and send an emeowl to Kat.
Coupon Code: L3DSpooky2018

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