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New TurbulenceFD Group-buy in EXTENDED!

If you have been waiting for another TurbulenceFD Group buy-in, you are in luck! Act now and put your name in on the list by emailing Kat and saying you are in! We are running  this one until 11:59 PM PST December 22nd, 2019. UPDATED! I’ve decided to extend the TFD Group buy-in until Boxing day (December 26th) at 11:59PM PST. After that you will have 24 hours to pay in the final amount. I’m so if this screws people up including those who sat on the fence and probably spent their money elsewhere. The basic reason is no one is where they are supposed to be. Holiday travel, Christmas falling on the Wednesday with people taking more or less the entire week off from work emails hasn’t helped for sure with stragglers. The end of day December 27th is likely the soonest most of the participants would have been able to pony up so it might as well be that day and give some extra time. Just don’t spend your money on boxing day special! This is going to be your boxing day special! If you have questions or concerns please emeowl me: Make sure to include your First and Last name plus your LightWave3D Product Lock ID (Remember, no cracks! We check!) and the email address you want your copy registered to. As before with our group buy-in programs that we have run in the past, we don’t know the final discount price until we close the program and everyone pays in. You will have 24 hours to complete the payment once payment is requested. No tire kickers, no slackers! If you don’t have the cash to pick up TFD at full retail price right now, don’t bother saying “I’m in”. however if you do, but want a discount, then by all means! Get on board and do it now! This is how our group buy-ins work and they have always been successful because for the most part every participant (because they are awesome LightWavers like yourself) has understood these rules. We know with the holidays coming up that things can be tight for time and money, so assume no discount, and there will be a discount if you chime in now, spread the word and get as many people in as possible to bring that price of the ONLY Fire and Smoke Plug-in that the LightWave3D community has access to, down. In order to help bring that price down, I’m extending the offer to the Cinema4D community as well. If you know C4D users or you also use C4D  along with LightWave3D and want to be able to use TFD in either program and need to pick up a license for C4D, now is a great time to do that! Yet, let’s show those Cinema4D users out there that our community is strong and sticks together and we did that last time when only 1 Cinema4D copy went out last TFD group buy-in when dozens of LightWave3D seats did. Interesting fact now huh? Yup, it is. Get to it LightWavers!

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