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Practical Production Techniques Vol. 18 – Bullet Dynamics Ferris Wheel

As we all know, Bullet Dynamics in LightWave3D as with any program that supports Bullet, has a lot of uses beyond smashing and crashing stuff. Or a stupid box and ball demo. While either use can be fun, there is much more to it than that and this title demonstrates a great way to make use of Bullet in a real-world scenario. In Kelly “Kat” Myers’ 18th installment in the Practical Production Techniques series of video training for LightWave3D, the subject is how to take a turbosquid sourced model, quickly texture and light it with volumetric lights and then animate each of the Ferris Wheel “carts” or cabins via Bullet Dynamics. It’s a lot easier than you might think, but does take a bit of patience to get things “right” and then replicate for each element to be animated. In just under 3 hours, this video will take you from start to finish and show you everything you need to know about how to produce a similar animation while also teaching some fundamentals about Bullet Dynamics with respect to “Hinges” and bone relationships to constraints. Content is included with this for scenes, surface libraries, but unfortunately the model itself¬† and texture images are not part of the package as its a commercial product from outside However, you can easily build out your own similar model or pick up the one featured in the video. Either way this is great for testing and evaluation purposes once you understand how the physics side of things work and apply it to just about anything that calls for “swinging”, animated elements that behave naturally under normal gravity, motivated by a parent object’s motion. This is a great tutorial for anyone who needs to dive into a practical application for bullet while not getting to deep into the far end of the pool. It’s split up into eight easily digestible parts. For details on the model please view the TXT file included in the tutorial after purchase should you choose to want to grab it yourself. Support artists! Est. Runtime 174 minutes HD 1920×1080 Resolution Get it today for just $21.49 USD

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