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Practical Production Techniques Vol. 17 – Megascans

In Kat’s Practical Production Techniques Volume 17., Megascans is the subject and how to produce a scene using them quickly, is the goal! This tutorial introduces New and Older LightWave3D users to the Megascan’s assets which are highly detailed photogrammetry sourced 3D objects and high resolution image maps. The objects featured in this title are freely available from and are thus not included in the package but you can download them, unpack and use Kat’s already premade surface presets that he has included to quickly build out your own “Dino” naturescape scene. Kat walks you through the process from start to finish and covers all aspects of dealing with the Megascans library of assets featured in the title. Learn how to properly prep the FBX models either in Layout or Modeler including image and surface displacement requirements while texturing each of the objects using the source material from MegaScans making them LightWave3D’s native render engine ready, in LightWave3D 2020.0.2 via the Surface Editor’s nodal system. For those of you who fear nodes, fear not. This tutorial will get you sorted quickly so you can achieve fast rendering results that are photorealistic as they should be when working with these assets. Furthermore, Kat walks you through various lighting and camera tips to further push the realism while at the same time providing awesome tips and tricks for Instancing grass and other items in the scene with a short venture into Bullet Dynamics at the end to assist with natural placement of “Twigs and Bits” that help sell the image overall. With an approximate Run Time of 287 minutes or 4.7 hours, Practical Production Techniques Vol. 17, is a great addition to your training collection from as it will serve as a foundation for future tutorials in the series working with LightWave3D 2020.x and beyond! Get this title now for just $28.95USD

2 Comments to Practical Production Techniques Vol. 17 – Megascans

  1. Sid says:

    Hi Kat, Is this a standalone tutorial or a contination of a series ?

    • kat says:

      Hey Sid.
      I’m going to be doing more in the series and some of it will touch on megascans or phogrammetry based geometry creation methods using Meshroom and other products. I have a number of tutorials planned over the next month or so (time permitting) but some of the concepts in here will extend into those future videos. For example I will be doing more bullet stuff in a project based sense.

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