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A pre-configured platform to rapidly build an augmented reality app around your 3D models. Great for any 3D artists who want to show off their own work to prospective clients, friends, fellow artist or turn into an app they can produce and sell to a customer.

This kit contains:

  • A secret webpage just for ARPortfolio users that will contain tips, videos, and additional features. This will walk you through all of the hard / tedious / obscure parts of setting up your environment. 
  • A Unity project preconfigured for deployment to Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows platforms.
  • Realtime Light Estimation and a custom solution for platforms that don’t support it
  • Instructions for creating extremely high speed, high quality, faked shadows and a realtime custom shadow engine that works on all platforms.
  • A custom user interface that allows you to control placement, rotation, and scale
  • A simplified model loading system that requires practically no setup.
  • Hundreds of hours of testing on multiple devices
  • Custom, in-depth error checking to detect multiple failure states
  • Hundreds of lines of custom code to control all of the above features. You will never need to look at them, but they’re well documented in case you want to learn how it all works.
  • Ongoing development with frequent updates, to keep the product at the cutting edge of augmented reality advances.

Months of work went into refining this project, which started as the AR-Showcase Factory, to create the most advanced augmented reality quick-start package in the industry. Here are a few tech demos of various capabilities. Note that not all features are available on all platforms yet.

At this time, AR Portfolio uses the Vuforia Ground Plane as its base AR platform. That might change in the future, but they currently support the widest range of hardware. Here’s a list of supported hardware for iOS and Android devices.

Here are a few videos showing how easy it is to use, and what it does:

Once you’ve set up your system according to our instructions, this is all you need to do, to create an app based on your model.


Here’s an example of scaling:

And a few other tech demos:

It combines tech from both our earlier ARFactory Showcase and ARKit products…

Just $49.73USD

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  1. Parsaie says:

    Is it includ showing models with GPS marker?

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