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Deep Rising FX – Group Buy-in!

UPDATE! As of August 29th, 2018, we have reached the maximum discount possible! You still have time to get in and get the max discount on this awesome plug-in. Do it! Do it now! Get to da choppa! The next Group Buy-in, organized by is now in effect! PLEASE READ IN FULL AND READ CAREFULLY! This is the one everyone needs to get in on! Through a special arrangement with the developer (Mambo) we are able to bring to the LightWave3D community, Deep Rising FX! With a list price of $249.99USD, Deep Rising FX 2.0 is already an incredible deal, but through this group buy-in effort we intend to get that price down even more! 20%? 30%? 35% 40%? Maybe more! It depends on you! Working off a similar discount structure from the LWCAD group buy-in we recently completed, this group buy-in for Deep Rising FX is the one that everyone has been waiting for and every LightWave3D artist should take advantage of! But what is Deep Rising FX and why do you want it? Well in short, here is the information taken directly from the developer website:

“Deep Rising FX is a versatile state of the art physically based animation package. A flexible particle system drives the core, that allows different simulation techniques to be incorporated into it. Deep Rising FX excels at delivering highly detailed and realistic fluid simulations. A wide array of physically based fluid effects can be achieved easily. Deep Rising FX is very artist friendly and it strives to deliver predictable and manageable simulations while remaining approachable.”

Features in 2.0 include: OpenCL Solvers Finally, you can use the power of your GPU to simulate breathtaking simulations. OpenCL support is not an after-thought, the solvers have been rebuilt from the ground up to push your hardware to the limit. This isn’t a gimmicky feature, watch as Deep Rising uses 95% of your raw GPU processing power to deliver faster results.
Euphorik Filters
The Euphorik solver is the premier fluid solver in Deep Rising, and it just got better. Use filters to control and manipulate your fluid simulations. You can use the vortex filter to create epic cinematic or motion effects. Or make your simulations feel more realistic by adding a drag filter, and watch your water cannon fight the forces!
Improved Surface Tension
We overhauled the surface tension and introduced something more modern and powerful. Forget your slow-motion camera, because now you can create those beautiful up close slow water effects from the comfort of your computer.
Dedicated jet Buckling Solver
If a feature can become an important addition to an artists arsenal we believe it deserves its own dedicated solver. The Pracima solver will allow you to create intricate, realistic high viscosity simulations. Do you want realistic honey or ice cream? We’ve got you covered.
Granular Solver
Now you can go beyond the realm of fluid simulations, and create granular simulations. Simulate sand, salt or any other material that displays those qualities with ease. And much, much more. This group buy-in works very much the same as the others we have organized in the past. Here is how it works and how you participate.
  1. Email to say “I’m in!” between August 15th and 11:59PM PST on August 31st, 2018. Make sure to include the following information. Your first and last name. Your LW Product Lock ID Number (NO CRACK NUMBERS PLEASE! IF you provide a crack number we will immediately boot you from this program!) Your preferred email for registration of the product once the group buy-in completes
  2. Be prepared to immediately pay once the group buy-in window closes. The pay in period will be 24 hours and will start at 12:00AM PST Sept 1st, 2018 and close at 11:59PM PST that same day. Do NOT say “I’m in!” if you cannot afford to participate in this buy-in, regardless of their being a discount or not. We say this up front to avoid any speculation on final price.
  3. Spread the word! The more participants we get the further the price goes down towards the maximum discount total. These group buy-ins work because of participation, not speculation. Do not hold off until the last minute expecting to find out what the final discount price will be and then make a decision. It doesn’t work that way. In fact, it screws things up if you wait.
  4. If you have any questions, contact us. 

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