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QuadPanels v1.2

Bugfixes and some new features QuadPanels v1.2 is now out. This free upgrade to the nurnie plugin is now capable of using your own custom built nurnies as details, as well as using the built in procedurals, or use a mix of the two. The Projection of procedural panels is now more precisely controllable too. ( The original post for QuadPanels can be found at ) Quadpanels rendering This shows a panel using purely custom nurnies, you can tell QuadPanels to maintain the aspect and scale of the nurnies if you want them to remain precise shapes, or you can freely scale them to fit the subpanels. Quadpanels rendering QuadPanels isn’t limited to scifi detailing, this rock wall was created by using separate stone blocks as custom ‘nurnies’ Click here to download The evaluation version is limited:
  • working with 6000 poly meshes.
  • bugs you for a serial number often.
  • only works with single polygon selections ( as opposed to detailing any number of polygons at once ) .
  • occasionally doesn’t do what it’s asked.
  • only works with 2 custom nurnies.
Click here to view the demonstration video for the upgrade Click here to view the original demonstration video This is a commercial Lscript plugin available exclusively through for just $19.95US. The evaluation version of Quadpanels requires a serial code to unlock it, based on the LightWave dongle ID of the installation it is to be used with. Email your dongle id to jamesw (at) symmetrix3d . com to receive your serial code once you’ve made payment through Paypal.

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17 Comments to QuadPanels v1.2

  1. Kat says:

    This is absolutely brilliant James. I love it!

  2. BillC says:

    Very nice, and just in time for the weekend!

  3. Junior says:

    The rock idea is great! Thanks.

  4. Cageman says:

    Fantastic tool! Very fun to use! Love the new addition that allows you add your own nurnies!

  5. william says:

    Don’t have one at this point and find this annoying

  6. BillC says:

    Minor niggle, it won’t save the variation setting. Bit of a pain while playing. Also, what setting will give me a look similar to the picture for inner block?

  7. Thanks BillC, fixed for the next release.

  8. Alexx says:

    Hehe nice stuff 🙂
    I’ve planned to release the version 2 of my Greeble&Nurnies script after this summer, maybe we could work together…

  9. Kevin Barnes says:

    I like the Borg battle ship (Nernie Cube)

  10. John Marchant says:

    Lovely plugin mate, i would take Alexx up on his offer. This has so much more potential other than just greebles and nurnies. City Generation, springs to mind

  11. Sid says:

    Hi Kat,

    If I buy Quadpanels today, will James still issue a code to unlock ? Many thanks.

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