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db&w Plugin Prices To Go Up

DB&W has announced that they will be raising their prices in September. If you were thinking about buying infiniMap, exrTrader, or shaderMeister, you might want to go ahead and buy them this month. The announcement was made June 28 via Twitter and on their Facebook page.

From their facebook page: db&w – finest plugins We just decided on our strategy for the next two years. Among other things, we will increase the prices of our products in September.

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One Comment to db&w Plugin Prices To Go Up

  1. kat says:

    It’s always hard to see where things are in the future and where they will lead but db&w products are among the very best and I encourage everyone to support them by buying in the least, exrTrader and ShaderMiester. They are very very handy tools and more or less can’t live without things you need for LightWave3D

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