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Iron Sky – Day 76

It’s late afternoon here and it’s finally cooling off, but it was a hot day yet again. Renders continue on the farm while we push forward on sequences near the end of the film. We have been jumping around a lot trying to get a few things taken care of before laying everything down in a row and starting the conveyor belt of the assembly line. Thankfully we have been joined by a LightWave legend, Lee Stringer. Lee brings an amazing amount of experience to the show and I am very happy he is here to assist. While he’s a bit jet lagged – just like anyone would be – he’s already into things. It will be interesting when he watches the current cut of the film to see what he has to say about it. In other news, Siggraph is right around the corner and we are trying to organize a meet up. Obviously some of us won’t be able to attend (me, being one, which really sucks because I live down the block from the convention center where its being held), but we are intending on having a presence at Siggraph Vancouver 2011. If you would like to meet up, contact Dana Burman through the forums here via a PM. For now though I have to get back to it and work on some more camera angles. I hate all of the ones I have come up with in this one shot but that’s just how I roll.

2 Comments to Iron Sky – Day 76

  1. Kip says:

    Great to hear Lee made it there in one piece and he joined the gang so quick !


    Looking forward to great things coming from you guys in the future !

    p.s. Shot you some emails Kat, when you get a minute ? LOL…

  2. J. says:

    Ah, Siggraph, of course! 😛
    What is Energia planning on showing? Background info on the VFX workflow + some clips?

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