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Iron Sky – Day 80

Lee Stringer, Samuli and I are going through the show today (just broke for lunch and now we are back) doing a semi-final shot count along with clarifying a few things with respect to shot numbering (naming really) plus an over all review of the VFX in Iron Sky. It’s an excellent exercise and its absolutely a must do kind of thing. Samuli is able to bounce ideas off of the two of us in private that have been discussed before but with a lot of “deflection” in some ways. Now when you see things in the context of the edit, certain things make much more sense if simply re-arranged in the sequence of shots from a story point of view. I really wish we had a VFX editor though on site who can go through the shots as they progress in previs, render and comp and do a weekly sit down. Samuli has a great production assistant here (a hip kat named Joni) and he’s probably going to fill in this need as it’s a critical time right now to ensure that everything we produce going forward is “in the movie” and having a VFX edit updated as often as possible is very very much a key component to the process. In all, we have a lot of work to do but it’s reasonable with the time we have left so long as we don’t get caught up in “concept explanations” and show things for what they are and directly translate their intent as shots to the audience and not fuck around like on some shows I have been on in the past. There is a trap that is trying to explain things too much to the audience. Every film maker has been guilty of it at some point and even in my own writing I have issues with being “clear about what X is or does” and mixing it up with either techno babble or excessive description of what is going on. Anyway we are back from lunch now so back into the screening room for the second half of the movie 🙂 Meow at you people later! =^..^=

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2 Comments to Iron Sky – Day 80

  1. Phil says:

    Must be a long movie if you had to break for lunch in the middle 😀 😉

  2. J. says:

    If only it’s just watching a movie… 😉

    @Kat: Do you have a system for automatically updating shots in the editing timeline when a new composite is rendered?

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