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Iron Sky – Day 139

Sunday, Sunday, Someday! That’s right! Come on down and get your shots rendered! It’s Sunday Render Farm Madness! As you might have guessed it’s Sunday and all we are doing is rendering shots and making a list, of things to do next. The compositing team is in today to comp a number of shots for our delivery this week (tomorrow) and once Lee gets his freaking shots off the farm (I’m teasing of course, his shots are going to look great!) I can throw the entire mega computing cluster (we picked up 10 more render boxes a couple of weeks ago to help us with the push) at a special shot element that’s hopefully going to work out and work out really nicely. It’s highly experimental but I worked out the process of creating it several days ago during one of my 24 hour shifts and my little thumbnail renders of it look nice. Now to just get the farm power behind it and ram it through quickly. If it comes out really sexy I will use the same sets and set ups later on in other shots that call for it, but had previously been slated to use matte paintings. In other news, its October. Luke and I have been here for over 4 months now. Oh how we have changed. I’ve gotten thinner, and Luke, well he’s still thin. Shaggy!! But we are all excited about the shots we have been doing now that we can see the results of that time of rebuilding, reworking and creating the bits that go into the final shots. It’s very hard to stay energetic when every day you seem to be dealing with the same problems over and over again that are problems you have been working to resolve over and over again, but in the end you get so good at it that anything else would seem like a breeze. In my galactica days this would have been the same as ‘cutting ones teeth’. In a lot of ways I’m very privileged and honored to have worked on that show, because it prepared me for hell, being there for an entire season of exactly that – hell and then hell 2.0 and 2.5  or season 2 and then more or less hell for season 3. This is of course Luke’s first real show and he’s blessed (like biscuit the the dreaming and sleep walking dog) that its a feature and iron sky. Not exactly hell, more like purgatory. Or limbo. Or I could just be tired and typing out loud. Well, my machine has now left the farm renders so I have to set this experiement back up to render a quick test and then show Samuli and then up the res and fire away! Weeeee!    

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