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LWCAD 4.0 Released

LWCAD 4 showing UV map created in boolean cut Once again Viktor Velicko supercharges LightWave with LWCAD 4.0; a suite of tools that make modeling faster and more powerful, especially architectural modeling. Here are some highlights:
  • Consolidated Tools – all the power, less clutter
  • New sphere primitive
  • Set surface names within the primitive numeric panel
  • UV support in primitives & polygon tools including booleans
  • Polygon Slicing
  • Shape Library2 with support for multiple curves/objects in a single shape
  • The ability to define which parts of door/window/fence objects can scale, so you can resize a window without resizing its frame
  • New roofing tools including the Line tool to quickly make L, U, and S shaped roofs
  • Profiler now works with 1D shape library and makes UV maps
You can watch the full new features video here: (45min)
You can purchase LWCAD 4 at Viktor’s website: Upgrade pricing is available for owners of LWCAD 2 and 3. LWCAD 4.0 has been fully tested in LightWave 9 through LightWave 11.

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