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Plants plants and more plants!

The good folks over at who have a LONG history of supporting LightWave3D (some of my first model purchases were from Viewpoint Datalabs and later XFrog) are now offering some very interesting bundles which include their entire library of plants for some rather decent pricing. If your thing is archvis or you need foliage for digital set dec in your VFX shots or even source material for banging out into games, you really need to check them out. We made EXTENSIVE use of Xfrogs plants on Battle Star Galactica and I have used them for years because of the fact that they are truly LightWave3D ready objects. None of this crap from turbosquid and elsewhere that you pay through the nose for and find that the models are a total mess. These are all clean by my standards and I am a pretty brutal about stuff when it comes to models.    

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