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Slots still available! DeepFX World releases Deep Rising FX 2.5!

IMPORTANT NOTICE! There is still time to get in. While the discount is now locked (40% off retail price) we have slots available for people who missed the promotion due to holidays. All you need to do is email and you will be sent a coupon directly from DeepFX World which you can use right away and then get your copy of Deep Rising FX 2.5! But even better, download Deep FX Studio at the same time and Mambo will cut you a key for Deep FX Studio that is good until next spring! So you get two great tools at a super low price (Kat is waiving his normal fee on this one) and help continue development of both products at the same time. You can’t beat that. LightWavers! UNITE! For those of you who already own a copy of Deep Rising FX 2.0, the update is now available for for 2.0 customers, for free. Make sure you update as its got many of the features and functionality you have been waiting for… FOAM! This is awesome. Here is a direct link for you to download.  From Mambo – “The foam generator is a state of the art physically based solution that tries to simulate the formation of white water in fluids. All that’s needed is a fluid cache with position and velocity data. The Euphorik solver has also become massively more memory efficient. Previously, it would take gigabytes of data to simulate anything close to a million particles (CPU mode), now it can use same the memory to simulate between 5 – 10 million particles.” Check out this neat little render from a couple of weeks back.  

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