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Babylon 5 Legacy Collection For LightWave3D

In an attempt to preserve some of the legacy of LightWave3D’s history in the 3D and VFX world and its contributions to some of the most icon sci-fi television shows of the last 30 years; is making an effort archive and make available to the LightWave3D community many fan built assets from the series Babylon 5 (B5). In this free to download collection, there are dozens of objects and scene set ups that will allow you to reproduce many wonderful visuals from the mid-1990s series. This is a great collection for anyone with a copy of LightWave3D going back to version 5.6 (if not earlier but we haven’t tested this) to LightWave3D 2015.3. Later versions of LightWave3D may cause some pretty serious breakage of certain textures, and – volumetric engine or weapons fire effects rigs, so be warned! This doesn’t mean that they cannot be reproduced using later versions of LightWave3D. They can, it just takes a bit of work. While we can’t list everything here, these are some highlights. Included in this collection: Whitestar LWO Vorlon Dreadnought Velarian_Class_Battleship v9etu69q4r28-Babylon5 Shadow_Ship_(non_cannon) Shadow_Alien Psy_Corp_Mothership narncruiser minbari_warcruiser Minbari_Sharlin_War_Cruiser minbari_fighter minbari Jump_Gate Hyperion G-‘Quan_v1 Earth_Force_One EA_Shadow_New_Babylon_Station EA_Omega_Destroyer_by_M.Tarling EA Badger StarFury F3D Release Centauri_Liner big flying saucer Babylon6 Babylon5 Babylon_5_Starfury_Version_3 B5Dockv2 Ashinta_Class_Escort_Frigate ACTA_Jumpoint A_Call_to_Arms_Babylon_5_Jump_Point These and many more are included in this collection. They are provided “As Is” and where possible as they seem to be preserved from their original states produced by fans. Credit for the authors is included in readme.txt files for most. If you want to add to this collection, please let us know. If you want anything removed, please contact us to make arrangements. We are not responsible for the content of these files in anyway. Get it now for free! Sorry! No copies left.

2 Comments to Babylon 5 Legacy Collection For LightWave3D

  1. Steve-o says:


    Thanks for keeping this B5 collection around.


  2. CPTVirg says:

    I have been a B5 Fan since the series began and I’m still one today. Thanks Kat!!!!

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