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Iron Sky – Day 147

It’s Monday morning here in Tampere at the VFX offices of Iron Sky and I have been working on a nice little live action shot where we get to integrate our wonderful Valkyries into a shot of “New York”. Not trying to give away the plot or anything but all my work this week along with a bit of help from Luke and Tuomas and Mark will be for a sequence that takes place in NYC. Around mid-august our Director, Timo went with the DoP and producer of the show to New York City to do some promotion and shoot a handful of live action plates using the Red One and Cannon 5D cameras getting some of the fans of the show involved in the shoots. This has worked out pretty well so far and by the end of this week we should have these shots sorted and into comp and out the door as part of our next delivery. The additional 10 machines that Jimms computers here in Finland have provided to give our render farm a boost are very much appreciated. We are now trying to keep up with the farm as its pushing out frames almost faster than we can add new jobs.  In addition to this we had to give render pal a kick in the teeth by removing a shwack of jobs that were finished from its “submitted renders list”. Like many render controllers of the world, RenderPal seems to have real issues when you leave a tonne of them in its listing. It slowed everything from submitting jobs down big time to getting the RenderPal server to respond when a node wanted a new frame to render. Kind of a drag for sure, but thats resolved. I still don’t like it very much at all. It’s got a lot to be desired on several fronts. In other news Tuomas has rejoined us for a few weeks. It seems the company he works for back in Helsinki didn’t have the work that he was going to do locked down enough for him to actually be there doing the work. I’m told that this is common here in the ad industry which this company works in. Serious drag for sure, but their loss is our gain and its good to have him back even for a short while as the pressure is on 🙂  

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2 Comments to Iron Sky – Day 147

  1. J. says:

    Do the 5D shots match well with the rest of the film?
    Did Mika shoot on it with a specific ”Picture Style”?

    Good luck, can’t wait for the pleasure of seeing those flying biscuit tins at work!

    • kat says:

      Once everything goes through the grading process it will match. Thing to remember though is the canon stuff is all MPEG-4, no matter how you slice it, its still MPEG4. I personally would not have shot on it at all and opted for the additional expensive of shooting on the RED or an Alexia or anything, something that’s lossless wavelet compression or uncompressed to begin with. That’s just me of course. There are a lot of things I would do differently but I’m not the man in charge. I’m just a lowly CGI guy.

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