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Practical Production Techniques – Vol. 5!

Kelly “Kat” Myers is back with a brand new video for LightWave3D 11.x in Practical Production Techniques Vol. 5! This video covers many of the new features found in LightWave3D 11 including the new flocking system, instancing, unified sampling overview, MDD baking techniques combined with quick IKBoost rigging and animation and more. A project based tutorial, you get 115 minutes of hands on training in these new functions guided by Kat who shows you the concepts behind the tools to create a school of swimming prawns, taking advantage of several areas of LightWave without having to melt your brain to get results fast. Broken down into 7 easily digestible video segments – Kat takes you from start to finish, covering the concepts and functions of these areas so you can “get it” right away and then be free to explore further at your own pace. You get the objects, the scene files and the MDD files so you can tear it all apart or just watch and follow along in this rapid fire video. A great value for those who need to get their feet wet with the new features in LightWave 11 but haven’t had a place to start before. Once you get a hang of the Flocking system and how to make it work with animated creatures, the sky is the limit with what you can do when combined with the Instancing system. You want Massive? This video shows you the fundamentals behind creating small scenes using flocking and instancing to hundreds or thousands of instanced animated creatures that you can make possible right now with LightWave3D.


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