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Practical Production Techniques Vol. One now available!

Hi Everyone, here is my latest video for you guys to enjoy!
Practical Production Techniques Vol. One [kat]
Practical Production Techniques Vol. One [kat]
In Kelly "Kat" Myers latest video, Practical Production Techniques Volume One, you will find several secrets and newly evolved technologies being applied in LightWave3D. From DP Custom Light Uses to additional render passes described in detail for practical uses just as they are deployed on VFX jobs for TV and film productions this video expands on concepts from Kat's other videos but now puts them into directly applicable techniques that can be used just about anywhere. Using real-world content (included in this video) learn not only how to apply these techniques in LightWave3D but also how to manipulate the render results for maximum flexibility in compositing. 80% of this video deals with LightWave Layout and Modeler, while the remaining 20% jumps over to Eyeon's Fusion compositing system, bringing everything together. Learn to avoid traps, while exploiting functions not commonly used in LightWave 9.6 such as the refraction buffer on export through exrTrader or LightWave's native rendering buffer saver system. Learn to break out the shot using Kat's system and see how changes to refractive surfaces play with DP Light Kit Additional lights like the DP Dome light, Custom Light, and Infinite Light. You get everything needed to follow along, models, scenes, rendered images and the Fusion composite flow! This is an incredible value and more in this series are being produced. Don't let the product image fool you, it really is largely a LightWave based tutorial!
Price: $21.00

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