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Iron Sky Based Tutorials Coming soon from Liberty3d

Two great things have happened in 2011 and continue on into 2012. First of all, NewTek announced LightWave 11 in LA back in November and we expect to see it released very shortly. The second was the completion of the VFX work for the Finnish Feature Film Sci/Fi Dark Comedy – Iron Sky. These two events are deeply linked together because LightWave was a major component in making sure Iron Sky got made. I along with Luke Whitehorn, Lee Stringer, Tuomas Kankola and Samuli Torsonnen all worked very hard on this film to bring it to life over 140 shots shown through out the picture. Now its time to start showing you how we did it. So with that said we will be bringing forward several tutorials directly related to the production of the VFX for Iron Sky using LightWave 3D, here on very soon. From Dynamics and Digital Pyro using HVs and Turbulence FD to lighting and rendering in LightWave 11 which we used heavily on the show, plus the new instancing technology along with sophisticated rigging techniques and production methods to get shots out the door, this new series of videos from will put you into the production along side us as we built the show. Stay tuned for more details!

16 Comments to Iron Sky Based Tutorials Coming soon from Liberty3d

  1. Max says:

    I can’t say how glad I am that Iron Sky is finally finished! Thank you guys for all the hard work on special effects!

  2. kevman says:

    Ditto! From the new video I saw online for the Iron Sky tour in Europe, there’s some seriously slick VFX segments! Can’t wait for them tutes… 🙂

  3. Kat says:

    Yeah I hope it does really well. It’s a tough market it though.

  4. Laticis says:

    Excellent, really looking forward to watching the movie and the tutorials.

  5. erikals says:

    these will be cool :]

    love the look of Iron Sky, hope to see it at the cinema… :]

    (what’s hard about the marketing part?…)

  6. ianR says:

    Please mail me when these LW 11 tutorials are up and running

    I did some luft 46 type stuff in LW a few years ago for a sunken slate (pre-prod)
    I got a BMW mark three Flugelrad flying over Prague in early ’45 with old film stock scratches and all, if your interested?

  7. Luke says:

    Lightwave always brings the best out in people 🙂 Thanks for providing use with lw nourishment!

  8. Kat says:

    I’m almost done with the first video, its turning out pretty good considering I’m a bit rusty at tutorial video recording 🙂
    This video will help you guys build just about any kind of explosion you can imagine and you will get the full scenes and presets I have built in the video for your own use! 🙂
    When it comes out and if you buy it make sure to send me your explosion results through our forums =^..^=

  9. Michael Ivarsson says:

    Please..when you put training material up, do make animated previews of the end results, Iv´e seen so many tutorials hanging out there with only cover images, that doesn´t give a good impression to what kind of finished animated result there will be.

    You could of course publish the whole Iron Sky up there too…
    If you want:)

    Michael/aka Prometheus

  10. kat says:

    Hey Michael.
    Have no fear, for this tutorial I will be posting animations of the final results plus a couple of snippits of the stuff covered here on the site for review so you know what you are getting. They will vary between VPR renders and full renders over my 15 machine render farm.
    Yes, we could indeed do a full course-ware on the VFX of IronSky and we may just do that, improving on a lot of shots we simply didn’t have enough time to work on as we would have liked, maybe for inclusion on the blu-ray or whatever release “special edition”? Who knows 🙂

  11. jono says:

    i cant wait. really hope you do do a couse in every area covered
    to create the iron sky vfx and some advanced production methods/approaches explanations.
    supervision etc.

    how much longer ?


  12. Scott says:

    So when are these Tutorials coming? Just wondering it has been a while.

  13. Sebastian says:

    Hi, was this ever released? I don’t see it in the list of tutorials.

  14. kat says:

    They are coming. Several things had to happen first. 1. the first version of the film had to come out, 2. the directors version had to come out 3. I had to get some other stuff out of the way and still do, ie the TFD advance projects vids, but im starting in on those again now that im back from siggraph and a lot of other stuff is off my plate.

    Got your email, will reply in full in a bit.

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