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The LFS Project

If you have heard me (Kat) refer to a “Project Genesis” over the past few years, you should know that it is on going and is a series of micro projects that over all, form a whole. It’s purpose dates back to our founding. To our foundation. It is now time for us at to take the next step in this series of micro projects. This one in particular being the last that Larry Shultz was directly aware of. The LFS Project is now activated as part of “Project Genesis” and today it will serve as a vehicle for a component that I have been working on personally for some time. While we all knew Larry affectionately as “Spline God”, he also was known as Larry “Foundation” Shultz. The “Foundation” part being “Foundation Imaging; the legendary Visual Effects company in Los Angeles that largely started it all with LightWave3D, starting with Babylon 5 and ending with StarTrek: Enterprise before its untimely collapse. Larry was the head of all training at that facility during his time there and so many of today’s LightWave3D artists learned from him directly. In order to ensure we are able to create new LightWave3D artists with the same solid foundation of knowledge, I’m making available all of Larry’s training that we have recovered from our archives. Sadly, while not entirely complete, what we do have represents the largest, intact collection of his training in a single package. We are not simply making it available as another product here on and calling it a day. No. The release of the materials that we have, will build on the foundation that Larry laid down for all of us. Benefiting all of us. As a component of Project Genesis, the LFS Project is key to unlocking a positive future for LightWave3D and its artists, users, and even the company that now ultimately owns it; VizRT. We do this independently of NewTek or VizRT because it must be done and done right, although it would be really nice if they lent us some (any) form of support, we cannot count on them to do so and thus must act independently. In order to do this, all proceeds from the sale of Larry’s products as part of the LFS Project will be directed to the funding of the last project component of “Project Genesis” he was aware of as I stated above. This is to be realized as quickly as possible and is already in progress. When it was originally conceived of, the technology simply wasn’t there or was too costly to implement. Thankfully in the year 2020 rather than in the summer of 2012 when it was first discussed between myself and Larry shortly before he passed away, everything is now in place from that stand point. While now affordable to do, it still costs money to implement and that is why I am releasing Larry’s catalog that we have today to fuel it’s deployment and maintenance until it becomes self-sustaining. With the community’s help, it will be. Here are the details of the content being released in the “LFS Project”. This is not a complete list as there is just so much to it. There are objects, scenes, mpeg videos, Lscripts, and much, much more. Please understand that over the last of the few years Larry had left to him, his health was deteriorating rapidly. His eyes were well on the way to failing him by 2005. By 2009 he was essentially blind and couldn’t even “watch” Avatar when it came out, having to close his eyes to listen to film. To compensate he made use of certain functions in his screen recording software to enlarge and highlight as well as audibly indicate clicks during the production of his videos. While he had made use of this originally to assist viewers with certain functionality in LightWave3D, it became essential later on for him to make use of them in order to use LightWave3D. One thing that never failed him, was his love of LightWave3D, the community and his vision for the future. He was my good friend. If you want to master LightWave3D and do so quickly, you start here. 3DW_Content

3dw_rigging_Pt1.avi 3dw_rigging_Pt2.avi


LW_8_Bone_Tools + LW_8_IK_Booster

Rigging lesson01.wmv lesson02.wmv lesson03.wmv lesson04.wmv lesson05.wmv lesson06.wmv lesson07.wmv lesson08pt1.wmv lesson08pt2.wmv lesson09.wmv lesson10pt1.wmv lesson10pt2.wmv lesson10pt3.wmv lesson10pt4.wmv lesson10pt5.wmv lesson11.wmv lesson12.wmv lesson13.wmv lesson14.wmv lesson15.wmv lesson16.wmv lesson17.wmv lesson18pt1.wmv lesson18pt2.wmv

section1\character_modeling section1\misc


FOR_Volume_1 (LW9_Rigging_Definitive_Guide)





lipsync1.avi lipsync2.avi lecture_01.avi using_papagayo.avi




Importing Mocap into Lightwave.avi mocap_lecture_1.avi mocap_lecture_2.avi




part1.avi part2A.avi part2B.avi part3.avi part4.avi part5.avi part6.avi part7.avi part8A.avi part8B.avi part9.avi

Introduction to Weight Maps

Displacements Vol. 1

Displacements Vol. 2

Product Modeling


gears_pt1.avi gears_pt2.avi gears_pt3.avi



Lava_Pt1.avi Lava_Pt2.avi Smoke_Pt1.avi Smoke_Pt2.avi (.mov files are also included)

Bubbles + Waves + WaterFX (some files are also available in .avi format)

Thank you for everything and more, Larry.

Get all of the above materials plus the content, as is for just: $189.00USD

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  1. Sid says:

    Hi Kat,

    Could I please ask about the audio quality on your versions ? For example, the Splinegod Youtube channel is quite good audio, but I have some of the old K**v discs and the audio on those is really tinny and garbled. Will your ones be closer to the YT audio quality ? Many thanks.

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