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Practical Production Techniques Vol. 20!

Now in the 20th installment of the highly popular and much loved Practical Production Techniques series of videos from Kelly “Kat” Myers, this title “Live Action and CG” is a quick get in and get out tutorial that tackles several tasks from tracking to lighting in order to ram through a high quality VFX shot in a morning or afternoon or less (much less) once you get the rhythm going and that’s what this video is about. This 13 part video covers all the bases and walks artists through a work flow to get a shot out the door fast without getting bogged down with finicky details with a run time of 146 minutes (approx.) 3D Assets are included for images/objects/scenes, as I had to rebuild the asset a long time ago, but due to the stock footage plate,  that is not being included. It is however available on StoryBlocks! Be on the look out as well for the next Fusion for LightWave3D Artists video title as more shots in this sequence will be covered as Kat puts together a “teaser” trailer for his latest writing project “The Exchange”. Get it now for just $23.95

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